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08.01.2014 16:00
Eric Meuring and Marjolein Wintjes with support of Moscow Design Museum will take you on a journey along various food concepts, food narratives and eat’inspirations created by the Amsterdam based design studio De Culinaire Werkplaats using all kinds of inspirational concepts to explore, discover and create new ways of eating.

On tomorrow’s dinner plate there will be less dominant space available for the meat and fish component. New times call for fresh solutions and onconventional ways to work out these new solutions.

You can solve the scarcity problems on the dinner plate of the future by searching for comparable alternatives (more = less). On the other hand… you can also consider this issue as the opposite, as an opening on your plate for a new adventure.

So discover the hidden powers of black, that stones can blossom, your dress could be your dessert, and much more. In other words, meet the new luxuries and the potential that tomorrow’s dinner plate has to offer you.

A small tasting will bring the lecture to life, and gives you an opportunity to experience the work and ideas of De Culinaire Werkplaats.

See you on Jan 7 at 16:00 in Moscow Design Museum (CEH "Manege" building).
The lecture is free.

De Culinaire Werkplaats

Founded by designer Marjolein Wintjes and chef and designer Eric Meuring, De Culinaire Werkplaats focuses on a blend of food, design and art.

It is a unique award-winning eating initiative at the cutting edge of food design. Its founders Eric and Marjolein offer tailored thematic dinner experiences- past themes included water and growth- and ready-to-eat collections such as green pastry and emotion breads.
This food design venue presents a cornucopia of vegetables, fruits, grains, with a noted absence of meat and fish. Refraining from using the label “vegetarian”, the owners say that this term is too polemical and deviates from their innovative purpose. Instead they adhere to a code of ethics such as animal welfare, micro organic farming, fair trade and health.
De Culinaire Werkplaats’s chief raison d’etre is commissioned assignments for requested food concepts, specialized caterings, product launches, weddings, press events and workshops. Guests are given an introduction as they enter the restaurant and are seated in the kitchen and must bring their plates to the sink themselves.
Eric and Marjolein maximize the taste and texture of food through producing a rich variety of colours - following a measured mood gamut - and foods in all feasible forms such as powder, ice, paper, foam, sundried, mousse, berries, marinations and cold/warm mixes. The end result of their innovative creations is an unforgettable impact on the taste buds. Their mission is to change the paradigm of eating with a conscience.

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