Moscow Design Museum took part in ARTeria project - contemporary art in a new building of children's hospital in moscow

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10.06.2016 — 30.08.2016
Location: Sheremetyevo International Airport, Terminal E

The airport occupies an important place in modern life, it ceased to be just a part of the transport system and resembles a city with cafes, shops, beauty salons, cinemas, and hotels. In many European and American airports, as in Schiphol, Heathrow, Phoenix Sky Harbor, Airport Atlanta, there are exhibition halls and museums. In Russia exhibitions in airports are not that often yet. Moscow Design Museum suggested airport "Sheremetyevo" to start cooperation in this field with an exhibition dedicated to one of the most important movements of Russian art – the Russian avant-garde. The Museum presents the exposition "Russia. Bread. Salt", which was part of the pavilion of the Russian Federation at the international exhibition “EXPO-2015” in Milan. The Russian pavilion was very popular. It entered the top five most visited national pavilions (more than 4 million people) and was ranked third in the category “Design of the exposition”.

The exhibition of Moscow Design Museum introduces the audience to Russia’s rich cultural heritage in design, showcasing works by important 20th century masters working with themes of labor and agriculture. Avant-garde ideas are reflected in works of a famous Russian artist, the chief designer of the TV channel “Culture”, Elena Kitaeva. Her ceramic figures, which became part of the exhibition, are both "portraits" of women-designers like Varvara Stepanova, Lyubov Popova, Vera Mukhina, and a model image of a woman of labour. These works are an ode to labor and creativity, to the contribution made by female designers to Russia’s industrialization and cultural development.

The Russian avant-garde is not just an artistic movement - it is a philosophy. Avant-garde artists were ahead of their time and have received international acclaim. Still today, the world continues to be inspired by the ideas and enthusiasm of the pioneers of the Russian avant-garde.