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15.03.2018 — 27.05.2018
Location: The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Obraztsova St., 11, build. 1A, Moscow

On March 15 The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center opened an exhibition on the history of inventions and the culture of innovation. Moscow Design Museum also took part, giving several exhibits from our collection.

"Impossible is inevitable. Ideas that change the world" is a project is about dreams that transcend through centuries: the quest for immortality, unlimited knowledge, the creation of life, the invention of the perpetuum mobile, developing superpowers and other desires that today continue to inspire scientists and inventors to create and apply new knowledge, technologies and business models. 

"Impossible is inevitable" exhibition shows historical prototypes of modern technologies - from the electric car of Nikolai II to the Soviet videophone, the predecessor of Skype. Pieces from the funds of the Polytechnic Museum, the Moscow Design Museum and the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines stand side by side with dozens of inventions of Israeli technological startups. The Impossible is inevitable project seeks to explain why imagination, inventiveness and innovative entrepreneurship are becoming the new norm, how the principles of working on new technologies have changed and why there is room for everyone in this area. Through successful Israeli investment companies, the exhibition explains how an ecosystem of viable innovations should function and why success is directly related to audacity, the habit of questioning everything, the ability to constructively react to failures. 

The question of the inevitability of the impossible is contemplated not only by inventors but by contemporary artists as well - Where Dogs Run, Playtronica, Anya Mokhova, Ivan Karpov, Denis Patrakeev and Roman Sakin developed a special series of interactive objects for the exhibition reflecting the fantasies, anticipations, forecasts, discoveries and achievements of generations of inventors, futurists and science-fiction writers. Visitors of the exhibition will be able to try out the fortune-telling machine, learn to communicate with each other without words, get wings, see the room of curiosities dedicated to immortality, appreciate the taste of basil grown in a vertical garden - and this is just the beginning.