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08.08.2019 — 29.08.2019
Location: Voronezh Regional Art Museum, Revolutsii avenue 18, Voronezh

Curators: Alexandra Sankova and Olga Druzhinina

Organized by: Moscow Design Museum and SIBUR

The exhibition is dedicated to our country’s cultural legacy in the sphere of design. It is made up of three sections, each of which is dedicated to an important stage in the history of Russian design: Constructivism (1917-1925), the Soviet period (1950-1980) and modern design (1990-2017).

"The history of Russian design is a very interesting topic. Objects created, for example, by constructivists in the 1920s, have received wide international recognition. In the 1960s, almost each Ministry in the Soviet Union had accredited design institutes and special art and design bureaus. However, today very few people know about this. It's nice to see contemporary designers becoming successful not least due to using the experience of the previous generations. The exhibition is a brief history of Russian design for the last 100 years," says the curator Alexandra Sankova.

The project is realized as part of the "Culture" direction of the SIBUR charity program "Good Deeds Formula".

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