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Location: Somerset House, London
Time: 11:00−19:00

Moscow Design Museum will hold a "Day of Russian design" as part of the London Design Biennale. The program features lectures by Russian designers, design historians and international experts in the field of design, presentation of a book on Soviet design, and a screening of the documentary “The History of Russian Design”.


11:00−11:10 − Welcoming word by Alexandra Sankova, Director of the Moscow Design Museum 

11:10–11:45 – Lecture “Contemporary Russian design and industry” by Vasily Brovko, Director of communications, analysis and strategic research at the ROSTEC Corporation

11:50–12:30 – Lecture “International revolution and thermidor. Constructivist graphic design 1922-1937” by Konstantin Akinsha, PhD Art History

12:30–12:40 – Break

12:40–13:20 – Lecture “Beyond nostalgia. What can we learn from the experience of Soviet designers?” by Alena Sokolnikova, Moscow Design Museum curator, PhD History of Design
13:20–13:30 – Presentation of the book “Soviet Design, 1950-1980s”

13:30–14:30 – Break

14:30–15:05 – Lecture “The formation of the professional design sphere in the Soviet Union in the 1960s” by Alexandra Sankova, Director of the Moscow Design Museum

15.05–15:45 – Lecture “Remembering Utopia: VNIITE ideas and people” by Marina Timofeeva, Art and Design Historian, worked at the VNIITE Research and Information Department 

15.45–15:55 – Break

15:55–16:30 – Lecture “Return to Simplicity: The Story of Russian Data Vizualization” by Anton Stepanov, designer

16:30–17:05 – Lecture “Soviet Critical Design at Senezh studio 1964 – 1992” by Tom Cubbin, PhD, senior lecturer in Design Studies at HDK, the Academy of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden

17:05–17:15 – Break

17:15–17:40 – Lecture “Fashion design in contemporary Russia” by Victoria Andrianova, fashion designer 

17:40–18:15 – Lecture “Industrial design as a tool for creating a competitive product. The Russian experience” by Sergey Smirnov, industrial designer 

18:15–18:20 – Break 

18:20–19:00 – Screening of the documentary “Soviet Design”