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06.02.2014 — 15.04.2014
The exhibition is prolonged till April 15th.

We hope to see you at 1/7 4-y Siromyatnichesky per., Moscow 
Gallery «Proun», Winzavod
Curators: D. Makarova, A. Sankova | Expert: A. Sokolnikova

“The best type of human is an athlete.
The best from the point of view of visual art.” 
A. Rodchenko

SPORTCULT is the visual history of sport through the prism of national art and design of the 1920-60’s. Sport is examined as a source of inspiration for artists and designers. 

The culture of the healthy body and the corresponding physical exercises from the 1930’s were an important part of government ideology. They served as propaganda for the communist regime, kept up the spirit and optimism of the people at times of economic struggle during the first 5-year plans. Good physical form was considered as a necessary attribute for the builders of the bright communist future. The sports industry in the USSR was developing even during times of economic shortage. As an important part of a Soviet citizen’s pastime sport culture was available to the masses and basic sporting equipment could be found in every home. The building of sports grounds and stadiums, the opening of sports schools was a priority even after the desolation of WWII. Starting from the 1950’s special institutes were opened in the USSR, such as design-techniques and experimental-construction institute for sports and touristic equipment (VISTI), and Souzsportproekt – institute for the design of sporting structural systems.  

The objects on show at the exhibition present the different spheres of Soviet art, design and culture, from sports uniforms and textiles, paintings and graphics, posters and photographs, to sculpture and newsreels of sports parades and open sporting events. The exhibition will include pieces form different periods by famous constructivists (V. Lebedev, A. Deyneka, V. Kovrigin, M. Manizer, E. Yanson-Manizer, A. Samohvalov, Tsadkin, Leporskaya) and designers (M. Lukyankov, B. Uspenski, O. Savostyuk, V. Volikov). Furthermore, visitors will have the chance to see the process behind the making of design objects and pieces of art: original sketches of textiles and clothing, original gouache paintings of posters and sketches of sculptures. 

 “You can put on caps,
     or hats,
you can even put 
gloves on paws.
But there is
no finer garment
          in the world,
Than the bronze of muscles 
and the freshness of skin”
V. Mayakovsky