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18.07.2019 — 29.09.2019
Location: Arsenal (Kremlin, building 6, right wing), Nizhny Novgorod

Curators: Alexandra Sankova and Olga Druzhinina 

Organized by: Moscow Design Museum and SIBUR

The “Fantastic Plastic” exhibition features design objects made from recycled plastic by more than 40 Russian and foreign designers. 

For more than half a century designers have been taking advantages of plastic. This unique material is used in almost all areas of human activity. It is lightweight, durable and versatile, and its reuse saves natural materials and reduces the amount of energy consumed. Plastic has a 100% potential for multiple reprocessing. 

The exhibition is aimed at raising public and experts’ awareness of the possibilities of plastic reuse, introducing the visitors to the international experience in this area, and drawing their attention to conscious consumption and waste management culture. 

Olga Druzhinina, Development Director of the Moscow Design Museum: “Plastic is a unique material that gets a new life when being recycled. Most designers consider it to be a material of unlimited possibilities that can be used to create a wide variety of products - from jewellery to art installations. It is important to change the attitude of the society towards plastic and its secondary use. The most important changes for the better always start with ourselves”. 

The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive educational program, which includes master classes on artistic methods of waste recycling and lectures by Russian and foreign artists and designers on environmental design and work experience with recycled plastics. 

Free entrance
For lectures, please, register on timepad

The project is realized as part of the "Culture" direction of the SIBUR charity program "Good Deeds Formula".


18 July 18:30
OLGA DRUZHININA, Development Director of the Moscow Design Museum, art historian, journalist
Curator-guided tour of the Fantastic Plastic exhibition

24 July 18:30
Artist-talk “Plastic as a resource”

8 August 18:30
VERA ZANEGINA, designer, artist
Lecture and master-class “Transformation of plastic bottles into textile panel pictures”

27 August 18:30
Master-class on artistic methods of waste recycling “Rubdish”

26 August 18:30
ALEKSANDRA SANKOVA, founder and director of the Moscow Design Museum
BOB VOS (the Netherlands), artist, designer, co-founder of Polimeer design studio
ARINA HOLSCHEVA, specialist "Global practices. Closed-loop economie" Functions Sustainable development of SIBUR LLC
Roundtable discussion "Environmental Design"

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