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02.10.2020 — 30.05.2021
Location: The New Tretyakov Gallery, Western wing, Krimsky Val 10, Moscow

Curators: Alexandra Sankova and Olga Druzhinina

Exhibition design: Stepan Lukyanov

Exhibition videos: Sveta Chirkova


Organized by: Moscow Design Museum and SIBUR 



The “Fantastic Plastic” exhibition features design objects made from recycled and reused plastic by more than 40 Russian and foreign designers.  


Foreign participants: STUDIO INEKEHANS (Netherlands), ecoBirdy (Belgium) , Studio Drift (Netherlands), Smile Plastics (UK), The New Raw (Netherlands), Christian Fischbacher (Switzerland), Parley & Adidas (Germany), Emeco & Coca-Cola (USA), Bureo & Carver (Chile-USA), Alexander Schul (Germany), Linda Bergroth (Finland), Margherita Soldati (Netherlands), Dirk Van Der Kooij (Netherlands), Simone Post (Netherlands), and others. 


Russian participants: Bulyash Todaeva (Press Plastic project), Aleksandra Polyarus (POLYARUS project), Galina Larina (Plasticdoom project), Ekaterina Lukyanova. 


The projects, despite their diversity in scale, technique and functions, share the same idea: their authors refer to recycled plastic as an ideal material, convenient to work with and providing unlimited opportunities of creative ideas realization.  


It is not the usage of plastic that causes the main environmental damage, but its improper disposal. The plastic itself is 100% recyclable, however, of the 6 billion tons of plastic that humanity has produced, only 9% has been recycled. Disposable tableware, packaging, bottles, and other plastic products being not needed anymore end up in the environment. This is what plastic pollution is and it can be dealt with, including through design. 


The design community is being increasingly involved in solving environmental problems. More and more designers around the world start to work with recycled plastics and many of them are convinced that it will become the main material of the XXI century. 


The exhibition is aimed at raising public and experts’ awareness of the possibilities of plastic reuse, introducing the visitors to the international experience in this area, and drawing their attention to conscious consumption and waste management culture.  


The exhibition is accompanied by an educational program, which includes lectures by Russian and foreign artists and designers on environmental design and work experience with recycled plastics. There will also be published a catalogue of the exhibition. 

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