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17.11.2017 — 17.12.2017
Location: Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

Curator: Suvi Saloniemi

Organised by: Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow Design Museum

The exhibition 33 Beginnings – 100 Years of Finnish Design invites to take a look into the past and present of the Finnish design. Each object or initiative became a symbol to represent the new era, was a starting point for a new way of thinking and new actions. The exhibition tells a story of how, throughout the past 100 years, the designs carry key features of the changes that happened in Finnish society. The opening of 33 Beginnings – 100 Years of Finnish Design is one of the largest events in Russia celebrating 100 years of Finland’s independence.

Finnish society can be called on of the most egalitarian in the world. In 1906 Finland became the first European country to allow women to vote. Democratic principles of the country were also mirrored in the designs of the everyday life objects. Finnish design is available for everyone, regardless of the age, gender or background.

Items on show have taken extremely long journey from the initial idea to the user. The careful development process has made them successful products and living classics. All of the exhibited designs are still in active use, whether they originated from the thirties, sixties or eighties, are still loved by people all over the world.

‘The exhibition has been curated specifically for the Russian audience. The examples of works highlight commonalities shared by our two cultures, such as storytelling, ornaments, arctic moods and handicraft skills, wood construction, and sauna culture,’ explains Suvi Saloniemi, curator of the exhibition.

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